Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Quick Review of Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb - London Oxford Street Exclusive - Pictures

This little beauty is another Exclusive Bath Bomb which I picked up from their Oxford Street Store in London. I was instantly drawn to it because I seem to love all of their 'sky' themed Bath Bombs (Twilight, Northern lights *Cries bring it baaaack!* and Shoot For The Stars *Cries even louder! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!*)
Upon first fizz there is an explosion of colour, which, funnily enough reminds me of 'Intergalactic stuff' like far far away Galaxies! I know, very observant of me right?
Unfortunately I was so busy staring at the bath and all the pretty colours,
...... oooooo pretty colours..... 
I didn't manage to take many photos of this one. I'm planning another trip to Oxford Street so I can stockpile this Bath Bomb so hopefully I will be able to do a much more informative review soon. For now I will just ramble on...

I just adore the Pinks, Purples and Blues in this Bath Bomb! Even now as I'm writing this review I just keep stopping and staring at the picture below. I take all my photos on the iPhone6, I like that they are true to life. I haven't used any fancy tricks, effects or lenses to change the look of the Bath Bombs. I just sharpen them, sometimes use the flash or turn up the brightness if the picture has come out too dark.
Even my Bath Friends are loving this Bath Bomb! Once all the pretty colours have disappeared you're left with this gorgeous dark blue bath water which is FULL of glitter!!
Oooo doesn't it just feel like you're floating in the night sky...    with some ducks.
Clairella Daniella xxx

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