Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Lush London Oxford Street Exclusive - Frozen Bath Bomb Review and Pictures


This Gorgeous little guy is an Exclusive Bath Bomb from Lush's London Oxford Street Store. It can sometimes be found on good ol' eBay so if you're desperate to get your mitts on it but can't travel to London it's definitely worth keeping an eye out for it on there!

It's a gorgeous ice blue with a turquoise band around the centre, and yes of course it's very glittery!!

You don't need to be a diehard Frozen fan to enjoy this Frozen-Inspired Bath Bomb. I reluctantly watched Frozen last Christmas (and secretly enjoyed every minute of it but I'll never tell anyone!) and I didn't feel the need to immediately rush out and buy everything 'Frozen'. So when I heard about this Bath Bomb it didn't even cross my mind to give it a go. In fact I ignored it for a good few weeks until I finally decided ''Oh what the hell! You only live once!'' and shoved one into my Basket along with lots of other goodies!

When the time came to drop Frozen into my bath (because I had run out of everything else) I immediately felt a deep sense of regret! ''How could I have been so cruel!?'' After weeks of ignoring it in Lush and then a further month of ignoring it in my room - leaving it at the bottom of the pile while I picked out all my more favourable Bath Bombs! I am finally noticing just how beautiful this Bath Bomb really is! Once dropped in the bath the ice blue shell creates a glistening white foam and the turquoise band turns the water the most AMAZING shade of Turquoise Blue I have ever seen! To be honest It didn't make me feel very 'Frozen-y'... it made me feel like a FLIPPIN' MERMAID CHILLIN OUT IN PARADISE!!

So... the moral of the story is 'Never Judge a Bath Bomb by its Name'. I will never forgive myself for making Frozen feel like the last Kid to get picked in PE - that's not a nice feeling...trust me! Maybe after I've taken it out for a nice expensive meal it will find it in its heart to forgive me (a lesson to be learnt their lads!)

Below is the picture which captured the exact moment I realised I was head over heels in love with this Bath Bomb!!

What do you guys think? Tell me you don't want to dye your hair red, dive right in there and pretend to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid??

Clairella Daniella xx

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