Sunday, 21 February 2016

High Heels, Hopes and Anxiety

High Heels, Hopes And Anxiety

Those who know me or who follow me on Instagram have probably noticed I’ve being going on and on about Las Vegas for ages! (sorry!) So I thought I would write a quick post to explain in a little more detail why this trip is so important to me. I live for adventures, bright lights, music, dancing, exploring and making amazing memories to laugh at over and over again! I can’t put in to words how inspired I feel by new and exciting places. Where the atmosphere is so unreal you’re truly living in the moment and feel like anything and everything is possible. That feeling when you have to stop what you're doing, look around and smile to yourself because you can't believe how amazing the world is and how lucky you are to be alive.

So let me tell you a secret… I rarely do any of these things. I could count on one hand all the times in my life when I’ve experienced the moment I described above. Instead I sit and watch other people living their dreams, imaging how they feel, wishing it could be me and desperately trying to ignore that ache that settles deep down inside my stomach, otherwise known as regret.

For as long as I can remember I have always been quite a shy and nervous person. I spend 90% of my day feeling worried about anything and everything. I can’t even explain why or even what I’m worried about I just always feel like something bad is going to happen. Anxiety is mentally and physically exhausting, the fear consumes your mind until it's all you feel and focus on day in and day out. It's like you’re constantly pulling a ball and chain around with you, it drags you down, makes you miserable and stops you living the life you imagined.

I always thought my anxiety would go away as I got older but year after year it got worse. To those of you who can relate to this post I just want to say the only way to gain control is to force yourself into situations you would normally shy away from. I know it’s hard, and your whole body is screaming at you not to do it, but the only way to stop it from taking over your life is to somehow find the strength to keep going even when everything is telling you to stop. I get Anxiety Attacks about something as silly as getting on a bus! - but it reaches a whole new level when it comes to the idea of getting on a plane. I cannot even put into words how terrified I am of flying. I have been trying to book this holiday for the last 5 years, I always get to the point where I book my hotel but as soon as it comes to booking the flight I give up and cancel everything.

This is such a huge test for me, and I really hope that it helps you to believe you can push yourself to achieve something you’ve been afraid to do. Never in a million years did I think I would ever find the courage to do something I'm so afraid of! Anxiety is an inside battle, no one sees it, they just see ‘weird’ behavior and write you off as being odd. Only we know the strength we have to find to fight it everyday and only we know that all too familiar feeling of dread in the bottom of our stomach. I’ve been getting myself so worked up about this trip that even while I’m asleep I have been constantly scratching the back of my head and pulling out my hair! I wake up to a pillow covered in blood and am now left with a scar at the bottom of my neck (I know right!? Gross!) I just have to keep reminding myself that through all of the sleepless nights and panic attacks this will lead to me finally achieving my dream. To stand in Vegas, wide eyed, staring at those bright lights and finally feeling alive, excited, inspired and free has got to be better than a life of feeling empty, uninspired and lonely whilst shut away in my bedroom because I feel ‘safe’… right!? 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Experimenter Bath Bomb Review with Pictures

I can't help but feel The Experimenter should be called 'The Experiencer' it definitely takes you on an unexpected journey!

This pretty little bath bomb does all it can to stand out from the crowd, boasting five bold colours (Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow and White) plus bucket loads of glitter, who could walk past this one and not be tempted!?

(I managed to break mine on the way home from London!)

The minute you drop The Experimenter in the bath there is a burst of colour. Just like it's appearance suggests those colours are big, bright and bold! I found the yellow was the most dominant at first and instantly turned my bath water into a glittering pool of yellowyness!

Then the Pink and Blue started to join in on the fun and things really started to get colourful! (in other words... 'Sh*t just got real!)

The colours kept on flowing and making the prettiest patterns on top of the water. At one point I did stop and think 'Wait a minute, this is just getting too colourful!' then I realised I was being a massive party pooper and carried on enjoying the crazy psychedelic circus.

Unfortunately my iPhone couldn't pick up the glitter but the foam was covered in a glittery sheen of gorgeousness and the water was absolutely full of the stuff too! I LOVE glitter and would happily bathe in it all day long if it was slightly more socially acceptable. So, imagine my little face when I woke up in the morning and I was STILL covered in Glitter!! I could've snogged the face off of The Experimenter right there and then!

Now... this is where things started to get a bit 'weird'. You may remember at the beginning of this post I said ''it certainly takes you on an unexpected journey!'' well, there I was sat in a bath of pinks, blues and yellows, waving my legs around in the glittering water and scrolling through my camera feed to make sure I had got some decent snaps of the water, when suddenly I realised I was no longer sat in a colourful bath!! I was now sat in the middle of a swamp! Albeit a very glittery swamp...but a swamp non the less.

At first the idea of bathing in a swamp just wasn't working for me... but then I realised that's what I love about lush!! One day I feel like a mermaid floating around in a glistening turquoise bath, the next day I feel like a Disney Princess soaking in a big pink bubble bath, and today, well today I felt like a swamp monster.

I really hope the possibility of turning into a swamp monster at the end of this bath bomb doesn't put you off! Just take another look at the photos at the beginning of this post if you need any persuasion to give this one a chance. Although the muddy green water might not be the prettiest thing in the world it still doesn't take away from how amazing this bath bomb is at first. Lush should definitely run with the 'swamp' theme for the Halloween range though! that would be awesome!!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Bye Bye Granny Takes A Dip Ballistic - Review and Pictures


My beloved Granny Takes A Dip will soon retire and leave a great big hole in my life. I fear the time is near as Space Girl, Rose Queen and Phoenix Rising have already been removed from Lush's website and are selling out fast in stores (for the full list of 2015 ''Discontinee's'' please click here to read my recent blog post) It's only a matter of time until Granny Takes A Dip follows suit and disappears from my life forever. I say forever, I've stocked up with 15 of these beauties so that should keep me going for.... 15 days.

Granny takes a dip is a firm favourite with many Beauty Gurus and Youtubers. Mainly due to the crazy psychedelic show it puts on! It can be dropped in the bath so all the colours start to fizz and run into the water straight away or it can be gently placed in the bath so the colours run from the outside in. It's quite a slower fizzer so this ballistic floats around for quite a while!



The bubbles are thanks to half of 'Rose Jam' bubbleroon. The bubbles do disappear after a little while but Rose Jam provides nourishment and moisture so i'll let it off! It also smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Below are some pictures of GTAD once all the colours start to run.


It's such a shame Lush are discontinuing GTAD, I was told it is being replaced with the Bubble Bar version so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that. It won't be the same as watching this Ballistic quietly float around the bath leaving a trail of pretty colours behind it though!

These guys are also pretty angry that Granny Takes A Dip will soon retire, they love going for a swim in the pretty pinky/purple coloured water.
Let's hope Lush come up with some SUPER exciting new products to make up for the loss of GTAD!!
Clairella Daniella xx

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Lush - Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb Review with Pictures!

Phoenix rising is the most gorgeous shade of deep purple. It is decorated with gold dust and topped off with a cinnamon stick which floats around in the bath with you after the Bath Bomb has dissolved - Bonus!

Before I get on to the pictures of Phoenix Rising in the Bath I would like to declare that I, Claire Danielle, have taken my level of Lush-Geekiness to the very highest level! Last night while waiting for my bathtub to fill up I decided Matching Nails and Bath Bombs should totally be a thing! Perhaps I am taking my Lush Obsession too far but there was something about matching my nails to my bath bomb which really made me feel like I had my life together!

I didn't have the right shade of purple in my collection so I mixed Nails Inc - Upper Brook Street with Ciate - Shaken Not Stirred which created a gorgeous metallic pinky purple. I then used a Gold Leaf top coat on my accent nails to try and resemble the top of Phoenix Rising.

@clairelladaniella You know you've got your sh*t together when your Nails and Bath Bomb match! #WinningAtLife

Ok so back to the Bath Bomb! Phoenix Rising instantly turns your bath water pink before gradually deepening into a gorgeous pinky purple. When you drop it in your bath it sinks right to the bottom and then rises to the top. Lush says - We believe in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again. This Bath Bomb is a tribute to our belief that great things can rise out of the ashes, just like the mythical Phoenix''
Awwwwwww ♥


Who would have thought Pink, Purple and Green could look so pretty!?

Bath Pug was enjoying it as per usual! He tries to play it cool and act like he's not really interested but he was LOVIN' IT!

I hate to bring the mood in the room down because I know we're all having fun but the beautiful Phoenix Rising is one of the Victims of that Pesky Discon-Monster who has been running around causing havoc by discontinuing some of my Favourite Bath Bombs this year!

It has already been taken off of the Website so if you want to get your hands on it I would pop down to your local lush ASAP.

For the Official Discontinue List 2015 see my last Blog Post - Get your tissues ready!!

Clairella Daniella xx

Friday, 17 July 2015

Lush Discontinue List 2015 *Cries*


''Which Lush products are going to be Discontinued?'' I hear you cry!!

Read on for the Official List from Lush... but be warned, it's heart-breaking!
Phoenix rising
Space girl
Rose queen
Granny takes a dip

You snap the whip
Aqua mirablis
Sweetie pie
Flying fox

Face and body;
Aqua marina
Lovely jubblies
Ting hands
Putty for your hands
Stepping stone
Formulae known as
Vanilla puff

Ice blue
Lush have also posted this picture below of all the products to be discontinued over the next few weeks/months! Some have already been taken off of the website like Phoenix Rising and Space girl... too soon Lush... too soon.

Although I can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on Lush's brand spanking new products, I can't help but feel sorry for some of the victims of that naughty Discontinue-Monster this year! For example  'Granny Takes A Dip' and 'Space girl'!!?? Really!!?  GRANNY TAKES A DIP AND SPACE GIRL?? These are staple Bath Bombs which almost everyone raves about! AMIRIGHT!?

Bye Bye Granny :(
Which products are you going to miss the most? Have you rushed out to stock up on all of your favs?
I definitely have!!
I've also stocked up on Phoenix Rising and some of the Bubble Bars! <3
Clairella Daniella xx

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Happy Prime Day! - Amazon Prime Beauty Offers, Deals and Bargains!

Those of you who have Amazon Prime will get access to Amazing Offers Today on Amazon!! I've picked out some of the best beauty offers for Today's Blog and will include the links under each picture. The offers are only available for a limited time so some of them may have already expired.

Ok, so I hate to be ''That Girl'' but.......... THERE ARE ONLY 23 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! So if you have fussy friends or picky partners the Amazon Prime Sale could be a great place to do some sneaky Christmas shopping!

Amazon Prime is £79.00 a year - Which works out at only £6.58 per month! The main benefits are Free One Day Delivery, access to Prime Instant Video (sort of like Netflix) and access to Exclusive Sales. There are lots of other benefits so if you'd like to know more click here - About Amazon Prime

Amazing Cosmetics - Amazing Concealer, Was £19.50 Now £13.65 (30% Off!)
A staple in most Beauty Guru's Makeup Bags. Super high coverage. 
Click here for this deal - Amazing Concealer

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit, Was £20.00, Now £9.99!! (52% Off!)
I own these brushes and absolutely love them! I've used Mac and even Dior brushes in the past but these definitely give them a run for their money!
Click here for this deal - Real Techniques Core Collection


Real Techniques Starter Kit, Was £20.00, Now £9.00!!! (57% Off!)
I own these Brushes too and as stated above I am more than impressed with the quality compared to higher end brands! I can't believe the price so I have just ordered my 2nd set!! I may even push the boat out and get a 3rd! One Can Never Have Too Many Eyeshadow Brushes!
Click here for this deal - Real Techniques Starter Kit

Eylure Strip Lashes No. 100 'Volume', Was £5.06, Now £3.03 (40% Off!)
I am a Lash Addict! And these are a Bargain at £3.03!!
Click here for this deal - Eylure 100 Lashes

Nails Inc Classic Collection Gift Set, Was £29.99, Now £15.00! (50% Off!)
*Chrismas Gift Alert*
Click here for this deal - Nails inc Classic Collection


I know I know this isn't a Beauty Product but he is a Beautiful Man does that count!?
In case you do want it here is the link -BEAUTIFUL MAN

now, back to the proper (but definitely not as attractive) stuff...


GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment, Was £44.99, Now £31.49 (30% Off!)
I own a mini version of this and see great results. You apply it like a mask and leave it for 5-10 minutes. You can see it sinking into your pores (which is gross and a little depressing when you realise how many you have!).
Search for Supermud on Pinterest to see the pics of this mask drawing out the dirt from blocked pores!
Click here for this deal - Glamglow SUPERMUD

Have you been tempted by anything in the Amazon Prime Day Sale so far?

Clairella Daniella xx

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Quick Review of Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb - London Oxford Street Exclusive - Pictures

This little beauty is another Exclusive Bath Bomb which I picked up from their Oxford Street Store in London. I was instantly drawn to it because I seem to love all of their 'sky' themed Bath Bombs (Twilight, Northern lights *Cries bring it baaaack!* and Shoot For The Stars *Cries even louder! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!*)
Upon first fizz there is an explosion of colour, which, funnily enough reminds me of 'Intergalactic stuff' like far far away Galaxies! I know, very observant of me right?
Unfortunately I was so busy staring at the bath and all the pretty colours,
...... oooooo pretty colours..... 
I didn't manage to take many photos of this one. I'm planning another trip to Oxford Street so I can stockpile this Bath Bomb so hopefully I will be able to do a much more informative review soon. For now I will just ramble on...

I just adore the Pinks, Purples and Blues in this Bath Bomb! Even now as I'm writing this review I just keep stopping and staring at the picture below. I take all my photos on the iPhone6, I like that they are true to life. I haven't used any fancy tricks, effects or lenses to change the look of the Bath Bombs. I just sharpen them, sometimes use the flash or turn up the brightness if the picture has come out too dark.
Even my Bath Friends are loving this Bath Bomb! Once all the pretty colours have disappeared you're left with this gorgeous dark blue bath water which is FULL of glitter!!
Oooo doesn't it just feel like you're floating in the night sky...    with some ducks.
Clairella Daniella xxx