Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Experimenter Bath Bomb Review with Pictures

I can't help but feel The Experimenter should be called 'The Experiencer' it definitely takes you on an unexpected journey!

This pretty little bath bomb does all it can to stand out from the crowd, boasting five bold colours (Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow and White) plus bucket loads of glitter, who could walk past this one and not be tempted!?

(I managed to break mine on the way home from London!)

The minute you drop The Experimenter in the bath there is a burst of colour. Just like it's appearance suggests those colours are big, bright and bold! I found the yellow was the most dominant at first and instantly turned my bath water into a glittering pool of yellowyness!

Then the Pink and Blue started to join in on the fun and things really started to get colourful! (in other words... 'Sh*t just got real!)

The colours kept on flowing and making the prettiest patterns on top of the water. At one point I did stop and think 'Wait a minute, this is just getting too colourful!' then I realised I was being a massive party pooper and carried on enjoying the crazy psychedelic circus.

Unfortunately my iPhone couldn't pick up the glitter but the foam was covered in a glittery sheen of gorgeousness and the water was absolutely full of the stuff too! I LOVE glitter and would happily bathe in it all day long if it was slightly more socially acceptable. So, imagine my little face when I woke up in the morning and I was STILL covered in Glitter!! I could've snogged the face off of The Experimenter right there and then!

Now... this is where things started to get a bit 'weird'. You may remember at the beginning of this post I said ''it certainly takes you on an unexpected journey!'' well, there I was sat in a bath of pinks, blues and yellows, waving my legs around in the glittering water and scrolling through my camera feed to make sure I had got some decent snaps of the water, when suddenly I realised I was no longer sat in a colourful bath!! I was now sat in the middle of a swamp! Albeit a very glittery swamp...but a swamp non the less.

At first the idea of bathing in a swamp just wasn't working for me... but then I realised that's what I love about lush!! One day I feel like a mermaid floating around in a glistening turquoise bath, the next day I feel like a Disney Princess soaking in a big pink bubble bath, and today, well today I felt like a swamp monster.

I really hope the possibility of turning into a swamp monster at the end of this bath bomb doesn't put you off! Just take another look at the photos at the beginning of this post if you need any persuasion to give this one a chance. Although the muddy green water might not be the prettiest thing in the world it still doesn't take away from how amazing this bath bomb is at first. Lush should definitely run with the 'swamp' theme for the Halloween range though! that would be awesome!!

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  1. Firstly I just have to mention how much I love your bath plug pug.. 😍 I love the way the experimenter turns the water a marble of neon colours. I can't wait to try one out for myself! Just wondering what the scent is like?! Great post x

    Jess x